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The Anchoress by Paul Blaney

Publication date: 9th April 2015 perf5.000x8.000.indd

Available in paperback and ebook



‘A moving and intriguing thought experiment about loneliness and human connections. Blaney has a real talent for capturing the texture of everyday life.’ Justine Roberts, founder and CEO of Mumsnet

‘I would recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for something a little bit different from the crowd. Accessible, engaging, full of ideas and humanity, The Anchoress won’t disappoint’ Bookemstevo

‘Touching and believable… a beautiful little book’ Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone

‘In the Middle Ages there were women who had themselves walled up … Anchoresses, they were called.’

Maggie has locked herself in her closet and she won’t come out. Lying in the cool, dark space by herself is surprisingly soothing. Visitors come and go – some more welcome than others. There’s Norman the nosy neighbour, who’s worried her strange behaviour may be lowering the tone of the area. A police officer drops by to offer advice on home security and issues a strange invitation. Then a reporter arrives, inviting Maggie to tell her story to the local paper. And there’s the charming pizza delivery man, who shoots the breeze with her before sliding a thin-crust with anchovies under the door. Maggie finds herself opening up to Pizza Guy about her past, and finally it becomes clear why she has taken refuge in her closet. What will it take for her to face the world again?

The Anchoress is a story about memory, childhood, grief and acceptance. It’s about what happens when you shut out the world and rediscover yourself.

Professor Paul Blaney

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Blaney is a writer, freelance journalist and writer in residence at Rutgers University, New Jersey. His first published short story, Apple Tennis, was awarded the Tom Gallon Award by the Society of Authors. His first novella, Handover, set in Hong Kong in 1997 during the transfer of sovereignty to China, was published as an ebook in November 2012. Born in England, Paul has lived in Hong Kong and Lisbon and  now lives in Pennsylvania with his wife. When he isn’t writing, Paul is happiest on the porch swing with a good book

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